Creative Communication Designed To Be All About You


It's Art About You is a creative communications company, offering work grounded in strategic thinking.  Whether you are someone looking for a custom design, or a business looking for a brand identity or advertising campaign, we’ve got an inspiring solution just for you. We are a virtual agency without the overhead of a physical space, so you can have one person or a full team of proven experts working on your project. Our creative solutions and our size can easily be customized to your communication needs and budgetary parameters. This way, It’s Art About You can truly be all about you!

Core Competencies:

Creative Direction

Advertising & Communications

Branding & Positioning

Social Media

Creative & Business Writing

Graphic Design

Package Design


Developing The Perfect Gift




Monique is a self-proclaimed Swiss Army Knife with an eye and passion for creative and strategic solutions. While she is currently on the “creative side” of the ad business, she spent much of her 30-year career on the “strategic side.”


During her tenure as Vice President, Account Director at FCB Worldwide, Monique was awarded Agency MVP for the development of brand building methodologies, as well as a World Class Advertising seminar to increase creative problem solving and understand what it takes to create ideas that work. She was the first account executive presented with the "Raise the Bar" award from the creative department for providing inspired strategic and creative thinking. After time at FCB, RocketScience, and during her five years as Kim & Scott’s Gourmet Pretzels Marketing & Creative Director (additionally developing all creative for their brand), she started her own company, It’s Art About You—a communication arts company. “Being a Creative and a Strategist, I wanted to bring powerful solutions to my own clients—solutions that are ‘all about’ the intended audience…connecting, resonating, and ultimately moving a business.”


Being a person of many interests and passions, Monique has been invited to speak at seminars and forums on branding. She has contributed to articles and blogs, including “Designing for Dollars: Your Menu As A Marketing Tool.” She is a contributing author in the Best Selling novel, “Universal Wish,” and most recently contributed to Pat Peduto’s book, “I Wrote The Book On Advertising.” Additionally, she is on the Advisory Board of "The Cigar Awards" coming in June 2021.




Monique is a hybrid. Most folks in the marketing or advertising world are this or that. They’re strategists. Or account managers. They’re writers or art directors. Monique is all of them. And she does each extremely well.


It has been my pleasure to work and argue with Monique constructively for a lot of years on a lot of businesses. She’s smart, talented and fast. Since 2015, we’ve worked together for Lakeside Bank. We’ve done more work – more great work that’s built our positioning, personality and business – in five years than some brands EVER do.


-- Alan Rose

Sr. VP, Chief Marketing Officer, Lakeside Bank